First World War online resources


To mark the centenary of Britain’s declaration of war with Germany at the start of the First World War we have put together a list of eresources that are available to members of the University of Cambridge, either via subscription or which are freely available online.

3042609649_faaac7e25e_o ‘The soldier & his horse (Chipilly) #3’ by jinterwas on Flickr

Cambridge University Library recently digitised the war diaries and journals of the poet Siegfried Sassoon and made them freely available online, here.

The digitised collection …

“…makes available online for the first time 23 of Sassoon’s journals from the years 1915-1927 and 1931-1932, and two poetry notebooks from 1916-1918 containing rough drafts and fair copies of his war poems. Unlike edited printed transcriptions, the digitisations allow the viewer to form a thorough sense of the nature of the physical documents.”

Members of the University of Cambridge can access the Adam Matthew resource The First World…

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